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Air compressors, known as the fourth utility, are key to a business’s success. You need a compressor manufacturer that delivers reliable, innovative, efficient and cost-effective products year after year.

Kaishan USA is the company you need to move forward with. Our experience, competitive prices, and focus on quality and innovation proves that we’ve earned our place as the third-largest manufacturer of air compressors in the world, including our KRSD single-stage direct drive compressor line.

Kaishan Compressor manufactures a full lineup of refrigerated and regenerative compressed air dryers. 

Key product lines include:

KRD: KRD refrigerator dryers offer reliable and economical performance with capacities ranging from 230 to 4250 CFM. Key features include corrosion-resistant aluminum or stainless steel heat exchangers, environmentally-friendly refrigerants and an easy-access design that makes routine maintenance fast and straightforward. Count on our KRD refrigerated air compressor dryer to provide 100% condensate removal with minimal pressure drop and a constant low dewpoint.

KRD-HIT: The KRD-HIT compressor dryer features an integrated air-to-air exchanger. When matched with a smaller air compressor, they can accommodate inlet temperatures up to 176°F (80°C) and inlet pressures up to 218 PSIG. KRD-HIT dryers offer fully automatic operation and can produce outlet dew points ranging from 36 to 50°F (2 to 10°C).

KRD-SSD: The SSD model designation denotes any KRD or KRD-HIT air compressor dryer with a stainless steel heat exchanger and wetted parts. This model is the ideal air dryer for air compressor systems used in sensitive environments encountered in food, pharmaceutical and electronics manufacturing and other industries. All SSD dryers feature a high-efficiency plate design that eliminates outlet condensation and precools inlet air, reducing the load on the evaporator for improved performance.

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